I Feel Like Crap, Time to Diet, Workout & Get Healthy

So, I just got back from vacationing in Hawaii and overate, over-drank and over-relaxed. About halfway through the vacation I could start to feel my shirts getting tighter around my belly, “Oy Vey!”

The Holidays are over, there are no vacations in the near future and spring is only 3 months away,  so this is a perfect time to kick off a new diet and fitness program. I have done all types of dieting, lifting and cardio in the past and I have lost hundreds of pounds over the years. Unfortunately, I usually start slacking and return to my old ways of overeating and being lazy so I end up where I am now.

This time I am going to do something a little different. I am going to lay down some rules and put them in writing for all to see.

The Waltham Beach Zone, No Paleo Diet

Meals & Diet

  • Daily calorie limit should stay below 1,201.
  • Fruit or yogurt for breakfast
  • No artificial Sweeteners (diet cokes, splenda, Stevia, etc. )
  • No red meat or pork
  • Only vegetable or fruit snacks between meals (popcorn is not a snack, sorry)
  • Avoid dairy
  • Avoid bread
  • Low carbohydrate choices
  • Max 12 oz. of caffeineted coffee daily (decaf is okay)
  • Drink 1:1 glass of water for every non-water beverage to stay hydrated


  • 10,000 steps everyday
  • 3 hours of cardio every week
  • weight training 2 days a week


  • No food consumption between 9pm & 6am
  • Minimum 6 hours of sleep every night
  • Alcohol beverages are limited to 2 days a week as long as the daily calorie limit is observed

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