Does Google Put the ‘Evil’ in Their Former Motto?

Google Motto Don't Be EvilGoogle’s motto used to be “Don’t be Evil”.

The new parent company, Alphabet, dropped that motto as soon as they purchased the company. That was probably due to the obvious hypocrisy surrounding it. There are certain times I wonder if they should have just dropped the word “Don’t” and leave it as “Be Evil”.

This all came about due to some research I was doing on the reviews that are left for businesses in the Google search results pages (SERP’s). It turns out, companies do not have an option to ‘opt-out’ of such reviews even if a review for a particular company can ONLY hurt their reputation. There are certain types of companies that may be amazing at what they do but consumers will naturally dislike due to the nature of their business. An example that comes to mind are financial lenders and collections agencies.

It seems that the more effective these types of companies are the more they will be disliked by consumers that review services and products online. In my opinion, a public review system should be opt-in only or at minimum have an opt-out option.

Interestingly enough, Google only has only 17 reviews on the BBB, although they are not a member, and 88% of those reviews are considered negative.

It is tough to find any reviews for Google,Inc on any of the Google  platforms.

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